Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC or the Institute) is a philanthropically endowed academic computer science institute, dedicated to basic research and graduate education in computer science. Its mission is to achieve international impact through world-class research and education in fundamental computer science and information technology. The Institute is distinctive to the American educational scene in its unique combination of graduate education and endowed research.

TTIC was founded by the Toyota Technological Institute (TTI), in Nagoya in Japan, which is a small private engineering school with an endowment provided by the Toyota Motor Corporation. TTI established TTIC as an independent computer science institute with the intention of creating a world-class institution. There is close collaboration between TTIC and TTI Japan.

The Institute is supported by the earnings on an endowment of approximately $255 million.

TTIC officially opened for operation in September 2003 and three students entered its Ph.D. program in September 2004.

It has degree granting authority in the State of Illinois and is Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

TTIC offers a graduate program leading to a doctorate in computer science, and is currently focusing on machine learning, algorithms and complexity, computer vision, speech and language technologies, computational biology, and robotics.

Both regular and research faculty receive endowment-provided research funding sufficient for equipment and normal academic travel. Research faculty are not expected to raise external funding. However, regular faculty are expected to eventually raise their summer salary and to support their students with external funding.

Research faculty are in non-tenure track positions with no teaching requirements. This is similar to a postdoctoral fellowship, but comes with endowment-provided independent research funding. Regular faculty are expected to teach only one quarter per year.

TTIC is located in Hyde Park on the University of Chicago campus and has a close affiliation with the University of Chicago Computer Science Department. An agreement between the University of Chicago and TTIC allows cross-listing of computer science course offerings between the two institutions, providing students from each institution the opportunity to register in the others courses. Faculty and students enjoy full privileges of the University library system, athletic facilities and other services.

230 South LaSalle St., Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604