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November 9-10, 2023

Please join us for an academic workshop in honor of TTIC’s 20th year of operations. This workshop will feature speakers including TTIC faculty members, student alumni, Research Assistant Professor alumni, and panel discussions.

Student alumni and RAP alumni are invited to attend an alumni mix & mingle on Thursday, November 10.

This workshop will be hosted at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, 6045 S. Kenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60637 on Thursday, November 9 and Friday, November 10.

Click here to learn more and register.

Diploma and Awards Ceremony 2023

September, 2023 - The TTIC community came together to attend the Diploma and Awards Ceremony on September 19, 2023.

TTIC students and faculty recognized at ICML 2023

September, 2023 - Congratulations to TTIC students and faculty recognized at the ICML 2023 Workshop on Federated Learning and Analytics in Practice.

Two Research Assistant Professors complete their terms at TTIC

September, 2023 - Professors Lee Cohen and Kartik Goyal have finished their terms as Research Assistant Professors.

Chung-Ming Chien receives 2023 GSSA from Taiwan

August, 2023 - PhD student Chung-Ming Chien is a recipient of the 2023 GSSA from the Taiwan Ministry of Education.

Highlight: Derek Reiman

August, 2023 - Professor Derek Reiman is researching deep learning and human microbiome to improve and impact patient health.

Highlight: Winifred Ofori-Manu

July, 2023 - Graduating high school senior Winifred Ofori-Manu reflects on her year as president of the Kenwood Academy Girls Who Code chapter.

Student Highlight: Ben Lai

April, 2023 - PhD candidate Ben Lai is researching protein design and machine learning to accelerate the process of developing therapeutic drugs.

Student Highlight: Han Shao

March, 2023 - PhD candidate Han Shao is researching problems in machine learning theory.

TTIC is committed to providing a respectful and positive environment for all members of its community, free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.