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Latest News

Trustee Mari Ostendorf appointed to new role

July, 2021 - Dr. Ostendorf has been promoted to Vice Provost for Research at the University of Washington

Alumni Highlight - Karthik Sridharan

July, 2021 - Prof. Sridharan explores questions around machine learning in reactive environments.

Student Highlight: Andrea Daniele

July, 2021 - Fifth-year PhD student Andrea Daniele conducts research in robotics.

TTIC welcomes new Research Assistant Professors

June, 2021 - Dr. Hongyuan Mei and Kartik Goyal will join TTIC’s faculty in September.

Student Highlight: Mingda Chen

June, 2021 - Chen is interested in creating NLP models that can understand humans.

TTIC takes first place in Real Robot Challenge

June, 2021 - Remote competition provides insights into machine learning and algorithm development

TTIC RAP Bradly Stadie to give long presentation at ICML 2021

June, 2021 - Dr. Stadie conducts interdisciplinary research in machine learning

Alumni Highlight - Haris Angelidakis

June, 2021 - Dr. Angelidakis conducts research in approximation algorithms at TU Eindhoven.

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