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Summer Workshop Program

TTIC is pleased to announce the 3rd annual TTIC Summer Workshop Program, with the following workshops:

TTIC Summer Workshop

July, 2022 - TTIC and Microsoft Research to host summer workshop.

MADLab 2022 Summer Workshop

June, 2022 - TTIC and UChicago will host the MADLab 2022 Summer Workshop.

Blum ACM Award

May, 2022 - Avrim Blum is a recipient of the 2022 ACM Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award

IDEAL Spring Quarter 2022

April, 2022 - IDEAL presents spring quarter 2022: High-Dimensional Data Analysis.

Faculty Highlight: Kevin Gimpel

February, 2022 - Prof. Kevin Gimpel is inspired by the relationship between computer science and language.

2021 Outstanding Administrator: Adam Bohlander

February, 2022 - The award is presented to an exceptional administrator each fall

Student Highlight: Takuma Yoneda

February, 2022 - PhD candidate Takuma Yoneda hopes to see helpful robots in every home.

Student Highlight: Chip Schaff

November, 2021 - Schaff optimizes robotics from the inside out.

TTIC is committed to providing a respectful and positive environment for all members of its community, free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.