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Latest News

Advances in Natural Language Understanding

October, 2019 - Researchers from Google AI and TTIC created ALBERT, a model with state-of-the-art performance on several natural language understanding tasks.

President Investiture Event

October, 2019 - TTIC officially welcomes new president Dr. Matthew Turk with a full day of open events on Oct. 4.

TTIC Welcomes New Faculty

September, 2019 - TTIC welcomes 3 new Research Assistant Professors in Fall 2019.

September Workshops

September, 2019 - Our summer workshop program continues in September with workshops on computational biology and clustering.

August Summer Workshops

August, 2019 - TTIC hosts two exciting workshops in August on combining machine learning and algorithm design.

Summer Visiting Students

August, 2019 - TTIC welcomes 17 visiting students during summer 2019.

COLT 2019 Awards

June, 2019 - TTIC PhD Students awarded both COLT 2019 Best Student Paper awards.

Farewell: Sadaoki Furui

June, 2019 - TTIC bids farewell to President Sadaoki Furui.

TTIC is committed to providing a respectful and positive environment for all members of its community, free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.