Welcome to the 2018 TTI-Chicago Summer Workshop Program.

This year we are pleased to host the following four workshops:

[ July 23-July 27 ] – Collaborative Writing with Language Generation Systems


  • Niranjan Balasubramanian
  • Kevin Gimpel

To register for this Workshop, please email the organizers kgimpel@ttic.edu, niranjan@cs.stonybrook.edu. Thank you!

[ July 30-August 2 ] – Data Center Scheduling from Theory to Practice


  • Leana Golubchik
  • Samir Khuller
  • Barna Saha
  • Cliff Stein

[ August 13-August 17 ] – Computational Efficiency and High-Dimensional Robust Statistics


  • Ilias Diakonikolas
  • Daniel Kane

[ August 20-August 22 ] – Learning in the Presence of Strategic Behavior


  • Nika Haghtalab
  • Yishay Mansour
  • Tim Roughgarden
  • Vasilis Syrgkanis
  • Jennifer Wortman Vaughan

Registration information will be available closer to the workshop dates.

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