The Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC) is pleased to sponsor and announce the 2nd Annual

TTIC Summer Workshop Program [proposal deadline Jan 25, 2019]

What: Would you like to get a group of 20-40 people together for three days to discuss a topic of common interest? Would you like to do it in an easy-to-reach vibrant city with a substantial local research community and with lodging, coffee breaks, and meeting room all paid for by someone else? Is your topic of interest roughly within the areas of Theory, Machine Learning, Vision, NLP, Speech, Robotics, or Computational Biology? Then submit a proposal to the TTIC Summer Workshop Program!

More Details: Workshops will generally run Wednesday-Friday, and be held at TTIC, which is on the campus of the University of Chicago. You will be allotted a $10,000 budget for lodging and travel expenses for attendees you specify (e.g., providing 20 attendees a reimbursement cap of $500 each). We will also supply continental breakfast and coffee breaks. Workshop structure is pretty much entirely up to you – talks, tutorials, brainstorming sessions, etc. – whatever works best for your topic. Additionally, we are happy to provide suggestions for social events during your workshop, and even to help you organize them. However, we do not want to overburden our admin staff, so flight arrangements are on your own.

Submitting a Proposal: We aim for this to be a lightweight process on both your side and ours. Proposals should be 1-2 pages, listing the names of the organizers, describing the topic of the workshop, giving the proposed format and an estimate of the number of non-local invitees, and listing some people who have indicated they are at least interested in principle. We highly encourage participation of women and underrepresented minorities. If any organizers are from research labs, let us know if your company would be willing to partially sponsor your workshop (which would allow us to hold more of them). Additionally, please tell us your three (or more) most-preferred weeks, in order, in the time-period between Monday June 17, 2019 and Friday September 13, 2019. Finally, we expect these workshops will generally be open to interested students and faculty from the local area, e.g., TTIC, the University of Chicago, Northwestern, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. If you do not want this to be the case, please let us know in your proposal.

Deadlines: Workshop proposals are due January 25, 2019 and should be sent via email to Avrim Blum <> with subject line “TTIC Summer Workshop Proposal”. Proposers will be notified whether their proposal has been accepted by February 15, 2019.

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