The following are some open-source software packages that we have developed. Additional paper-specific software is available via the publications page.

  • H2SL: Human 2 Structured Language (H2SL) provides the source code for a set of libraries and executables that convert free-form text input to its corresponding structured language instance.
  • LCM: A set of libraries and tools for message passing and data marshalling, targeted at real-time systems where high-bandwidth and low latency are critical. It provides a publish/subscribe message passing model and automatic marshalling/unmarshalling code generation with bindings for applications in a variety of programming languages.
  • libbot2: A set of libraries, tools, and algorithms that are designed to facilitate robotics research. Among others, these include convenience functions for maintaining coordinate transformations, tools for parameter management and process administration, and a 3D visualization library. Initially developed at MIT for the 2007 DARPA Grand Challenge and the Agile Robotics for Logistics projects, libbot2 is designed to provide a core set of capabilities for robotics applications and has been utilized on a number of different robotic vehicles.
  • pods: A tool for creating modular libraries and executables that provides a standardized build structure in order to simplify integration.