Dr. Mark Hallen

Research Assistant Professor

PhD - Duke University

Mark Hallen is from Cary, North Carolina and earned a BS in 2009 from Duke University. He majored in chemistry and math and performed research in the cell biology department, developing fluorescence microscopy data analysis methods. He continued at Duke for a PhD in computer science, with a certificate in structural biology and biophysics. Mark’s research interests focus on developing algorithms to facilitate more accurate modeling in computational protein and drug design. The ultimate goal of this type of research is to efficiently search large spaces of previously unsynthesized chemical species, spaces too large to search exhaustively, and reliably identify new species that perform a desired activity (such as inhibition of a disease-related protein). Mark’s thesis was supervised by Bruce Donald and completed in 2016; he also interned at the NIH Vaccine Research Center in 2014.

Dr. Hallen also has a personally maintained website which can be found at http://www.ttic.edu/hallen.